BG16M1OP002-2.005 Design and construction of composting plants for separately collected green and / or biodegradable waste in Vratsa region

Project BG16M1OP002-2.005

The aim of the project is to build a composting plant for separately collected green and biodegradable waste of the Municipality of Vratsa and the Municipality of Mezdra in RSUO Vratsa. The construction of this installation will contribute to reducing the amount of landfilled municipal waste in the Regional Landfill for Non-Hazardous Waste in Vratsa by providing additional capacity for separate collection and composting of green and / or biodegradable waste.
The proposed site for construction of the facility is located on the territory of the Municipality of Vratsa in the area of ​​Shumaka, P.I. 12259.788.9 in the land of the town of Vratsa and occupies part of the allotted property, in which there is an operating regional landfill for municipal waste – Vratsa region, its area amounts to 101915 sq.m.
The site has built infrastructure and does not need to build a new one.
The following facilities are planned for construction and operation:
– composting plant with a capacity of up to 8,000 t / year.
– introduction of a system for separate collection of green waste, including containers with a capacity of 1.1 cubic meters (574 pcs.) and 4 pcs. garbage trucks.
With the construction of the composting installation, the operational life of the landfill for municipal waste will be extended by significantly reducing the annual quantities of landfilled waste.
The target group of the current project proposal are the residents of the municipalities of Vratsa and Mezdra.
Social acceptability requires that waste management systems meet the needs of the local population. In this regard, the implementation of the project will improve the quality of life of the local population of the two municipalities by introducing sustainable mechanisms for environmental protection and familiarizing the target groups with the various aspects of waste management. The focus of the project is on the possibilities for separation and utilization of green and biodegradable waste, raising environmental self-awareness and changing people’s behavior.

Activities for preparation of the project proposal, including preparation of a preliminary (pre-investment) study (PIP) and accompanying documents in connection with the application of the Municipality of Vratsa, under the grant procedure № BG16М1ОР002-2.005, which includes: 1. Preparation of a preliminary (pre-investment) study (PIP) for composting plant and ancillary infrastructure; 2. Preparation of an analysis for additional infrastructure and application of a centralized or decentralized model; 3. Preparation of a detailed mass balance of the waste generated on the territory of the municipalities under the submitted project proposal; 4. Development of a scheme for quality control of the compost, a plan for the use of the obtained final product, a plan for the treatment of the residual waste from the composting plant; 5. Study and substantiation of the necessary elements of the system for separate collection of green and / or biodegradable household waste from each of the municipalities falling under the RWMS Vratsa; 6. Justification and preparation of an indicative list of the necessary facilities, equipment, vessels and equipment for each composting plant separately; 7. Justification for the lack of market supply of services or for the insufficient supply of services; 8. Preparation of a notification for investment intention.



Start date:
20 November 2018
End date:
20 November 2021

Total value

5 845 347.29 BGN

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