BG16M1OP002-2.010 Recultivation of the landfills for closure subject of the infringement procedure on case С-145/14

Project BG16M1OP002-2.010

Aims of the grant procedure is contribution to the fulfilment of the obligations of the Republic of Bulgaria under an infringement procedure of EU law in connection with the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 16.07.2015 on case C-145/14.

Additional information on deadline
The procedure sets three deadlines (December 9, 2019, January 13, 2020 and February 17, 2020), before the expiration of which applicants must submit their project proposals. The nominal distribution of the municipalities by the respective term is in accordance with their project readiness and is indicative.
The following municipalities with prepared working designs and without conformity assessment should submit their project proposals by 17.02.2020, 17:00 – Batak, Breznik, Dimovo, Mirkovo (depot in the village of Smolsko), Pomorie, Ruzhintsi, Trun, Chelopech , Chuprene.

Expert analyzes: Within the activity, preparation and preparation of expert analyzes and studies, justifications and analysis of data necessary for the implementation of the project proposal, such as the Valuation Analysis, etc., has been performed. Organization and management: The scope of the project proposal contains activities different in nature, specificity and scope, which implies the use of expert assistance with specific areas of knowledge, expertise, experience and qualification as a tool for successful implementation. For this purpose, the use of a project management team is envisaged. The beneficiary will form a project management team (PMU) with an order, composed of municipal employees in the first month of project implementation. The employees of the municipality will be assisted by external experts with specific knowledge and skills related to the subject of the project. The PMU activity will cover the entire period of physical implementation of the project activities. The structure of the management team consists of the following experts: Project Manager – external expert at the PMU; Project coordinator – employee of the municipality; Information and communication expert – employee of the municipality; Lawyer – external expert at the PMU; Accountant – employee of the municipality; Monitoring and reporting specialist – external expert at the PMU.



Start date:
04 June 2020
End date:
04 May 2022

Total value

1 530 096.50 BGN

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