BG16M1OP002-2.009 Implementation of demonstration projects for waste management

Project BG16M1OP002-2.009

The project proposal envisages measures aimed both at preventing generation of municipal waste and at increasing the quantities of separately collected municipal recyclable waste with a view to their subsequent recycling.
The activities goals is to be implemented are only in relation to the recyclable municipal waste generated in the territory of the municipality of Beloslav, related to separate collection at the source in order to ensure the proceed to recycling. Raising awareness and public awareness of compliance with the municipal waste management hierarchy is crucial in the context of the envisaged initiatives to increase citizens’ participation in separate collection of municipal waste.
The implementation of the project will contribute to the transition to a circular economy and help to achieve recycling of 50% of municipal waste by 2020.
The specific objective 1 of Priority Axis 2 “Waste” of OPE 2014-2020 is to reduce the amount of landfilled waste and therefore increase the share of waste recycling. Accordingly, the purpose of this procedure is to support, through the funding with priority to activities that are highest in the waste hierarchy, the achievement of the objectives set out in Art. 31, para. 1 of the Waste Management Act, regarding municipal waste.
The project will be implemented on the Beloslav municipality territory.

Performing expert analyzes, research, justifications, etc. Development of a Justification for a demonstration project, in accordance with the instructions in item 13.3. Requirements specific to the procedure and Annex № 6 of the application conditions, in particular a study, comparison and analysis of the applicability of good practices already successfully implemented elsewhere, implemented and completed with achieved results, in order to implement and dissemination of new measures or management approaches in the field of municipal waste management in relation to one or more of the following activities: prevention of the generation of municipal waste, preparation for re-use, separate collection of municipal waste and their subsequent recycling.



Start date:
20 August 2020
End date:

20 July 2022

Total value

389 700.00 BGN

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