BG16M1OP002-5.004 Measures addressing the transport as a source of air pollution

Project BG16M1OP002-5.004

The aim of the project proposal is to improve the quality of the atmospheric air in the Municipality of Vratsa, by reducing the levels of fine dust particles and nitrogen oxides, as a result of replacement and modernization of the rolling stock of public transport. The implementation of the project will contribute to meeting the needs of the population, tourists and guests, companies and organizations in the municipality of Vratsa, fresh air, modern and environmentally friendly urban transport. It is planned to supply 13 new electric buses and 9 new trolleybuses, meeting the European standards for harmful emissions from engines and the use of renewable energy sources in public transport. It is planned to supply specialized equipment to optimize the operation of trolleybuses and installation of charging stations for charging electric buses. The project includes activities for the supply of electric vehicles; specialized services; optimizing the operation of newly acquired vehicles, incl. implementation of an integrated transport management system (for electronic charging and real-time passenger information), collision avoidance systems, reconstruction of the catenary, construction of cable routes to the charging stations and delivery and installation of TEC cartridges station), initial registration and insurance, publicity measures. The activities were developed after a cost-benefit analysis, which proved the feasibility of the project and the sustainability of the results. The expected results are a reduction in PM, noise and vibration levels and energy savings, a reduction in the use of non-renewable energy sources such as diesel and its replacement by electricity, the development of sustainable urban transport, a reduction in the use of private cars, an increase in the share of the users of the public transport service, which through the realization of the project becomes attractive, convenient and safe.

Analysis and calculation of a result indicator in the city of Vratsa on the indicator PM10 “, in connection with the application of the Municipality of Vratsa with a project proposal” Modernization of urban transport in the municipality of Vratsa “under the Operational Program” Environment 2014-2020 “, priority axis 5 “Improvement of ambient air quality”, procedure № BG16M1OP002-5.004 “Measures to address transport as a source of air pollution.”



Start date:
05 November 2019
End date:

05 October 2022

Total value

32 027 089.53 BGN

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