CircE Project - European regions toward Circular Economy

Project CircE Project – European regions toward Circular Economy

The project is aimed at assisting cities in implementing the concept of a circular economy in the development of programs, strategies and analyzes for waste management.
The main goal is to develop a Strategy for Sustainable Integrated Waste Management, as well as their recycling for recycling.

In December 2015, the European Commission adopted a new Program for the Transition to a Circular Economy, which should contribute to extending the life cycle of raw materials through recycling and reuse (Regulation COM (2015) 614/2). In the context of this Regulation, the CircE project aims to assist partner cities in developing local waste management strategies and action plans for the transition to a circular economy.

Partners: Lead project partner: Lombardy, Italy.

Partners in the project are: Sofia Municipality; Independent Province of Catalonia, Spain; Federal Office of Lower Silesia; Genderland Province, The Netherlands; Waste Recycling Organization, UK; Urban Development Enterprise in the Ots region, France; Organization of municipalities and cities in the Republic of Slovenia.

Assisting the team of experts of Sofia Municipality in the implementation of the concept of circular economy in the development of programs, strategies, plans and projects in connection with the implementation of the project CIRCE – “Orientation of European regions to circular economy” under interregional cooperation program INTERREG EUROPE The European Union.



Start date:
January 2017
End date:
December 2020

Total value

3 702 463 BGN

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